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The 2018 meetings of the Society will be held at The Unicorn Club in the grounds of Melbourne High School on Alexandra Avenue. The Unicorn Club is the Function Venue for the Melbourne High School Old Boys Association(MHSOBA). The Club has modern facilities, great accommodation and a cash bar with reasonable prices.
Entry is from Alexandra Ave. by vehicle or from Yarra St. through the pedestrian gate. Parking is near the Club or along the main drive in front of the main building.
Starting time is 6.30pm (1830). Refreshments will be available from 6.00pm.

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Next Month - Note Meeting on 2nd Tueday 10 July 2018 at 6.30pm

A special guest -Sarah Davies, Humanitarian Aid Engineer talks about her work in Syria improving the health of the community through the application of engineering principles.


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Leon Alexander. SMIEAust. CPEng(Biomed)

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During EPSM-abec 2010, Dr Richard Kirsner delivered a fascinating account of the development of biomedical engineering at the University of Melbourne, focussing on the achievements of Dr David Dewhurst.

You can view the paper here. A broadband internet connection is required.
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How Medtronic started up

The Canadian Society has an interesting video about donation of equipment to developing countries. See the page here

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The Unicorn Club is next to the MHSOBA Scoreboard in the South-West Corner of the Melbourne High School grounds. Access the grounds from the Alexandra Ave. gate.
Parking is available along the top drive and near the Unicorn Club. The South Yarra station and Toorak tram are a 350m walk down Yarra St.

June Meeting

Eve  A platform designed to enhance the pregnancy experience for expectant mothers

Expectant mothers are often overwhelmed by the abundance of information made  available to them. Eve has been designed to serve as a single source of  truth by providing evidence based content to expectant mothers in a form which is easy to navigate, always available and tailored to the mother’s pregnancy. The tablet  based application provides users with access to a variety of tools to  monitor the health and wellbeing of both mother and baby, and transmits this data back to the hospital midwives in real time via the Midwife Portal. Eve has recently been piloted at Cabrini  Hospital with a high level of success.

This project was submitted to the Australian Biomedical Engineering Innovation Awards, winning 2nd prize. The ABEIA link is:

Discussion - Transforming Healthcare With Blockchain Technology

The Technology that underpins cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has the  potential to transform many aspects of healthcare including the way we  capture, store and report on patient data, manage the hospital supply chain and operate clinical trials.  Smart contracts in healthcare will enable further automation and will  play a role in reducing administration expenditure. We’ll cover off the  fundamentals of blockchain technology and explore some of the innovative use cases in health.

Josh Farrington has a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering (with a  major in Biomedical Engineering) and an MBA. He has been with Cabrini  Technology Group for over 12 years, during which time he has worked in a variety of technical, consulting and operations management roles in the biomedical field. He has recently moved into the role of Innovation  Manager, which sees him apply his diverse skillset to develop technology based solutions capable of augmenting existing models of care.