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Good Gut Feeling with Ingestible Gas Sensing Capsule

Distinguished Professor Kouroush Kalantar-zadeh
Centre for Advanced Electronics and Sensors (CADES)
RMIT University

Tuesday 21st March

Starts 6:30 PM
(Networking and refreshments available from 6:00 PM)

Venue: The Unicorn Club, MHSOBA
Melbourne High School, Forrest Hill, South Yarra

All Welcome

Please register below

Abstract and Biograph in the Newsletter


We have developed a novel, low-cost and non-invasive medical device called “human gas sensor capsule” which has applications in diagnostics of gastrointestinal disorders and assessing dietary effects on the gut. The product is a capsule size indigestible electronic device that leaves the body after normal bowel transient. The capsule consists of gas sensors, micro-electronic circuits, small-sized harmless batteries and telecommunication components. The capsule allows for the accurate measurement of the concentrations four vital gases of O2, H2, CO2 and CH4 and also temperature. Intestinal gas profiles are then transmitted to an external small handheld device that communicates with a smart-phone that allows a real-time data display and analysis. We have successfully finished the animal and the first phase of human trials. The outcomes of these trials will be presented in detail in the talk. The outcomes show some extraordinary phenomena that can potentially revolutionise the fields of gastroenterology and food sciences


Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh is a Distinguished Professor and the Director of the Centre for
Advanced Electronics and Sensors (CADES) at RMIT University, Australia and the node Director of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence in Future Low Energy Electronic Technologies (FLEET). His research interests include chemical and biochemical sensors, nanotechnology, microsystems, materials science, electronics, gastroenterology, medical devices and microfluidics. Kourosh is the co-author of over 360 peer reviewed and highly cited scientific papers and books. He is the most highly cited academic in the field of electronics in Australia.


Note that attendance will attract 1.5 CPD points for EA members.


The Unicorn Club is next to the MHSOBA Scoreboard in the South-West Corner of the Melbourne High School grounds. Access the grounds from the Alexandra Ave. gate.
Parking is available along the top drive and near the Unicorn Club. The South Yarra station and Toorak tram are a 350m walk down Yarra St.

The Committee of the SMBE Victoria
invites everybody to a Special Presentation

Minimally Invasive Wireless Neural Interfaces

Rikky Muller, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  University of California, Berkeley

Monday, 29 May 2017

6.00 pm – 7.00 pm  (refreshments from 5.00pm)  Charles Pearson Theatre  Building 171, Room 132  Parkville VIC 3053

All welcome
Please register by 22 May 2017

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