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Currently-Topical Suggested Viewing From The Vision History:
21 July 2015 “Innovations In Critical Care: Stopping Patients Dying in Hospital -a systems Engineering Approach”
13 March 2007 “What’s Happening In ECMO”
19 Aug 2008 “Tuning Into the Periphery Of the Lung”
30th Sep 2008 “Current Frontiers in Nitric Oxide in Intensive Care
20th Oct 2009 “Challenges In assessing infant lung function”
21st June 2011 High Frequency Jet Ventilation: Is it as good as HFOV?
21 March 2018 Risks from pathogens in healthcare environments Where does decontamination come in?

New Directory of SMBEVic Vision and re-mastered vision for iPad in mp4 2007-2010 now available for viewing