About us

Our History

The Society for Medical and Biological Engineering was formed in Australia in March 1960 with the aim of providing a common meeting ground for all those interested in the application and use of engineering techniques in medicine and biology. The Society membership includes engineers, company representatives, medical specialists, scientists, technicians, radiographers, nurses, research workers, students and generally, people who have an interest in the field and its contribution to the advancement of health care.

To advance knowledge and understanding in this field, the Society conducts meetings on a regular basis. The meetings may take the form of a visit to an institution of interest, a seminar or a talk by a guest speaker. An opportunity for informal discussion and socialising over a light supper generally occurs at the conclusion of each meeting. Considerable care is taken in the planning of meetings to ensure that the membership’s broad range of expertise and interests are catered for.

The growth and development of the Society from its formation in 1960 to the present day, is indicative of the need for a society that encompasses the whole area of engineering and biological science in its application and contribution to health care. Similar societies are active in most states of Australia. These state groups have been formed into an Australian Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (AFMBE) and this body was affiliated with the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) at the beginning of 1967. The Society plays an active role in relevant Biomedical Engineering Conferences.

The Society offers its members a unique opportunity for keeping contact with and learning about, procedures that may be useful in their particular spheres of interest. A newsletter is published regularly and sent to all members.

Our Values


The SMBE(Vic) strives to bring the latest and most relevant information to the health technology fraternity through face to face and workshop environments held regularly throughout Melbourne and environs. The Society is dedicated to the encouragement and mentoring of young technologists and associates and participates with other kindred organisations to promote forums and group activities of particular interest to members and friends.

Team work

The SMBE(Vic) Committee works with you to provide the events and activities you would like to attend and be a participant. The Committee members are available for you to contact at any time by email. See the Contacts page.